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It's been a long time since I've done an update.
So much has happened since the last time I
was here.  Let me try to bring you up to speed.

  • As you know, I moved back to Michigan in July 2000.  After not being in wintry weather for almost 9 years, Michigan got hit with the worst snow storm/Winter in several years. Lucky me!
  • My divorce became final in 2000.
  • Bill and I Traveled to Florida , Vermont, California, Tennessee and several times to Indiana in the span of 5 months.
  • I received a beautiful engagement ring in March, 2001.
  • Bill and I Traveled to Florida, North Carolina and Indiana in the span 7 months.
  • My sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in late September, 2001
  • Drove to Florida-October, 2001 in a 15 passenger van with my fiancÚ, oldest son, his wife and my 3 grandchildren with the van loaded with all kinds of wedding things.
  • Was married in Florida on October 13, 2001 in the garden of Bill's brother and sister-in-law, Chris & Jenny.  We married in Florida so that Bill's father Ralph could attend.  He was 94 at the time and would never have made the trip to Michigan, and it was so important that he be at the wedding.  My sister couldn't make it which broke my heart.
  • Bill and I traveled to Florida in February, 2001.  Our plans was to go there for Ralph's 95th birthday (Feb. 11).  Tickets was bought, reservations made and a birthday party planned.  On February 6th we got a call from Bill's sister telling us that Ralph had passed away.  We moved our departure date up and instead of celebrating Ralph's birthday, we celebrated his life.  He is missed so much.  I will be making a web pages commemorating his life and I will put the link to it here so that his kindness, love and wisdom can be shared by all who visit.
  • My sister had surgery and is Cancer free.  She endured so much from her Chemo and then contracted Pneumonia after all her Chemo was finished and spent 2 weeks in the hospital.  She now has to go through Radiation treatment.
  • My oldest son, Matthew and his family are moving back to Michigan and will probably be staying with us for a period of time until they can get established here again.
  • Bill and I are in the final planning stages of remodeling the house.
  • As you can see, my life has been full and busy, and I love it.  I feel so vital and wanted.

It will take some time, but I plan to update all of my pages in the next month, so please come back often to see the changes.  In the meantime, I'm also updating the site telling Bill and my story of how we got a Second Chance at First Love, please take a moment to visit that site.  Most all I spoke of above is chronicled with photo's, including our wedding.  Both sites will be changing a lot in the following months.

So... as always grab your beverage of choice, slip on those comfy "Cyber" shoes and take a walk through my life.

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