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Of Course there are some rules that must be followed, they are not extensive, but all are important to receiving an award.
  • Absolutely NO x-rated, pornographic or any site of this nature.  If your site is like that, don't embarrass me or yourself by applying.  Your site MUST be family friendly, my children and Grandchildren are on the web, I want to be sure it is safe and pleasant for them as well as myself.
  • No racial, gender or religious prejudices or any hate related sites.  We are all brothers and sisters of the world.
  • You MUST sign my guestbook.
  • You MUST link the award to my site.
  • And lastly, complete the form below.  I look forward to seeing your site.

Namaste, Pat

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Did you sign my Guestbook?       Yes            No     If you have not signed my Guestbook, I will not consider your application for an award.

I have been known to design a special award AFTER visiting a site.  These awards cannot be applied for.  Sometimes there is something that touches my heart.

If you have a site regarding Fibromyalgia, please let me know.