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I'm proud to be part of a wonderful group of women who call themselves collectively Sister's of the Golden Moon", individually they call themselves my friend and even my sister.  And I call them the same...they have helped with technical problems with web design and graphics design.. they are a group of very knowledgeable and talented, creative women  They have also helped me with personal things, if nothing more than to be there for me when I needed to talk, when I needed to share.  They went through so many things with me from my move from California back to Michigan, my divorce, my new found "old" love, my engagement, planning the wedding of my dreams right down to listening to me rant about not being able to find the right shade of Blue for my wedding dress.  They prayed for my sister when we found out she had Breast Cancer, and prayed for me because I was terrified I would lose her.. and they rejoiced when my sister came through her operation successfully with all the cancer removed.  When I've felt less than capable of doing a job they ask of me, they bolstered me and helped me through it.  This wonderful group of women have laughed and cried with, and they have made me laugh until I cried.  Each of us work hard, some more than others.. but I love what I do, because I can honestly say... I love them! This page is my tribute to this wonderful group.

I have received many, many wonderful gifts from these ladies from welcoming me to the group, birthdays, my wedding, SGM Anniversaries to just for the heck of it..

Part of my history with SGM:  I joined in April, 2000.. and was asked to be part of the Beauty group. I had to leave the group because of personal problems.. once I left California, one of the first things  I did was to re-join the group that was December, 2000 and I was thrilled that I was once again asked to be part of Beauty.  Beauty Diva's (as we like to call ourselves) create all the graphics for SGM.  We pride ourselves on our creativity.. and there is a bunch to go around not only in Beauty but throughout the complete group.  I've been with ever since.  I for a short time worked in our Adoptions program.. It is graphics adoptions and I loved doing that.  I was asked to be GP of Adoptions, I excepted and then my confidence left me.. and resigned from that position.  Just recently I was asked to Co-GP our new endeavor which is called Beauty Boutique, our job is to create Signature tags, the team I'm with are a great bunch of gals, and we are having a ball doing this.

The following pages are my collection given to me by my SGM sisters.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.