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To make a child,
God spilled out sunshine
It pooled beneath His Hand
to form a smile;
Their eyes He formed from
dewdrops in the morning
So sadness could just
linger there awhile
God knit the child's frame
together with a spring breeze
So in their every movement
there would be grace
And warmed their heart with
kindling made of kindness
So all would see the
caring in their faces..
And then God wrapped them
gently in a rainbow
Spun for their spirit
beautiful to see!
And said:
"Whoever looks upon a small child
Shall know, deep in his heart,
that he's seen Me.

My Grandchildren have been such a blessing to me.  Each one unique from the other and special in their own right.  I wouldn't have them any other way; Chelsea, the oldest and only Granddaughter.. our Princess with a Soccer Ball and Jaremy, the middle Grandson, small in stature but sits tall on his Motorcycle and Joshua, the youngest, the tough little one who scowls with a grin just below the surface, and "Loves to Love you".

I will attempt to tell you a bit about each one with photo's of each through out their story.  Just click on their names and you will be taken to their own page.