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This is Chelsea from 5 days old until today at 11 years old.  She has been a joy to me.  I missed a few years with her because I was living in California although she and her Mother did visit us there once.  Now that I'm back in Michigan we spend a lot of time together, she will come over for the weekend or Grandpa Bill and I will take her to Indianapolis to see her Daddy who lives there.  She was in our wedding and was the most beautiful addition.

She plays team soccer all year long in an indoor arena and I try to get to see her as much as I can.  This year will be her first time playing outdoor soccer.  She also loves to sing and does a really good job of it too, in fact she sang Karaoke at our wedding.

Without further adieu, her is my beautiful Grand daughter, Chelsea.

As I said, my first photo of her was this one at 5 days old.  Even then you could see that she was going to be a real beauty.

She is now 6 months old, and always smiling.  Up to this age she did as most babies did, crying a lot but it seemed when she reached 6 months she realized she was loved, she was safe there fore she was happy, and hardly ever cried after this age.

Here at 10 months she was so attentive and happy.  My nephew Tony had just got back from Desert Storm and this was at a home coming party for him.

This was Chelsea's first time on a slide.  When I lived in downriver Detroit, there was a park directly behind my house.  Chelsea's daddy (my oldest son Matthew) took her down the slide the first few times.. after that there was no stopping her.  Whenever they came to visit, we would spend a lot of time there just playing.


Still at around 10 months old, she was such a happy baby and loved to do silly things to make everyone laugh, including herself.

This is her first Christmas, she was just a few days short of her 1st birthday

I have many photo's of Chelsea, so many that I've decided to just put in those that are milestones in her life... or in my life

Her 2nd Birthday, with a Big Bird cake and all her friends.

Chelsea's 2 year old portrait
Chelsea is almost 3 here and it was her first trip to the Detroit Zoo.  I took her just before I moved to California.


She is 3 years old here.. again that wonderful smile of hers!

The night before I started on my trip/move to California, I picked her up so we could spend just one more day together.. I had no idea when I would see her next, she was 3 years old here.  She of course had absolutely captured my heart and soul and I was starting to regret my decision to make such a long distance move, up to that point the furthest I had been from her was 5 hours away, and I could and did make that trip often.

I was so happy when Chelsea and her Mother, Alicia made a trip to California to spend a week or so with me.  My youngest son, Jason was graduating from Marine Basic Training in San Diego at the same time they visited so we went to MCRD in San Diego (Chelsea and I at MCRD on top left) for that and then Jason spent his first leave with us.  We of course went to Disneyland and the beach, but we also went to San Diego Wild Animal Zoo.  The photo on the top right was Chelsea at the San Diego Wild Animal Zoo.
These next three photo's are of the day we spent in Disneyland.  Chelsea with Pinocchio (top right) with Uncle Jason on the Dumbo ride and the bottom is with Grandma (me) in Toon Town.  We had a wonderful time and of course took much more photo's then this, but it would take forever to load this page if I used them all.

This was one of the days Chelsea was at the beach.. I have some really wonderful photo's of this day, and I may just make a page just for them..  Needless to say she loved the beach and the ocean.

Chelsea's 4th Birthday


The photo on the left is at Chelsea's Grandpa William's house and the photo on the right she is all dressed up for Halloween

Chelsea with her Mother, Alicia.  Chelsea is 5 here.

Chelsea at 6 years old


Chelsea at 7 years old.  She is more beautiful each day.
Chelsea on making her First communion, she is 8 years old here.



Christmas time in Indianapolis with her Daddy.

Summer of 2000 in Indianapolis.  The photo on the left is Chelsea with her brother Jaremy and on the right Chelsea at a small park located west of Indianapolis in the small town of Danville.  Grandpa Bill was kept busy by Joshua playing basketball in another part of the park.  She is 9 years old here


Chelsea's school picture.  She is 9 years old.

This past October 13, 2001 I was married to my First True Love, after 36 years being apart.  Chelsea and her 2 brothers, Jaremy and Joshua were in the wedding.  This is just one of the photo's of them at the wedding.

  To see more photo's of the wedding go to my other web page "Second Chance at First Love"