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Joshua is our youngest Grandchild.  This little guy is the image of his father, Matthew.. my oldest son and the Father of all my wonderful Grandchildren.  Jaremy is the image of his Mother, Christy and Chelsea is a combination of all the goods things of her Mother and Father.  But, as I said earlier they have their own unique personalities.

Joshua is a tough little guy that has a heart full of love.  He will scowl at you, but just below the surface of that scowl is a grin.  He loves to say that he "Loves to Love You!"  He also is a major Chocoholic... this the M&M background!!

Here now is this wonderful little man.

This is the earliest photo I have of my little sweetie.  He is about 1 1/2 months here.  He looks so much like his Daddy.
Joshua is about 3 months old here.


Here he is at about 6 months old.  He still has the red hair of his Daddy (and Grandma!).




As I said earlier, Daddy likes to skate and play hockey and he started both Jaremy and Joshua out very young on skates.  Here is Joshua with his Daddy at the skating arena.  He was about 3 years old here.

I'm not sure what is happening here, but it is obvious he sure isn't happy.. he may have just woke up from a nap?



Would you look at that grin!  He tries hard not to like being hugged and kissed, but he isn't fooling anyone.  Here he is with my sister, Nancy or as he likes to say.. Aunt Yancey!  He is 4 here.


Joshua with Grandpa Bill.  This was taken July, 2000.  He took an immediate liking to Bill.  They would spend lots of time playing Basketball.  It was wonderful watching them together.





This is at the same little park in Danville, IN.  This is about the only photo I have of him at the park.  He was keeping Grandpa Bill pretty busy in another part of the park playing Basketball.

Joshua, fast asleep.  He played hard at the park, and he also always falls asleep almost the moment a car starts moving.

Joshua and the others at our wedding rehearsal (on the left).  He listened to the instructions intently and took his duties as the Ring Bearer seriously.  The photo on the right is after the rehearsal when Bill and I gave all our attendants our gift to them.  Joshua was 6 years old.

As I mentioned above, Joshua took his duties serious at the wedding, but frankly his Daddy, Mommy and I wondered just what he would do.  He kept saying he wasn't wearing a Tuxedo, he wanted to wear a scary outfit!  All I would say was that I was certain it would be interesting and that Joshua would be our comedy relief at the wedding.  He didn't disappoint me.  Just prior to me walking out, he looked at one of the guests and as loud as you please, he said "What are you looking at!"  But, he did wear his Tuxedo and did a great job as the Ring Bearer.. I was then and have always been very proud of him.


The day after the wedding was spent at Busch Gardens.  Here is Joshua in the Land of  the Dinosaur's.. hatching from one of the eggs!
I felt so bad for our little guy, because he was too small to ride on many of the rides.  We tried to find as many as we could that we all could ride on together.  I didn't want any part of this ride, so Uncle Jason (my youngest son) took him on this one.


All the big kids wanted to go ride the BIG Roller Coasters, but couldn't because of Joshua.  Grandpa and I didn't want to do any of those rides, so we took Joshua to the Little Folks area and told the big kids to go do what they wanted.  This is just one of the photo's we took of Joshua in this area.  I will add more later on.