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Here is my oldest Grandson Jaremy.  He is such a treat.  He is very much involved in Motorcycle racing.  At this time I don't have any photo's of him on his Motorcycle, but I am going to prevail upon his Mommy and Daddy to give me a few, if only for the time it takes for me to scan them it.  He looks so much like his Mommy, he is small, thin and wiry, but don't let his looks fool you, he is a determined young man.  Below are a few of the photo's I have of him.. So now let me introduce Jaremy to you.

This is my little buddy, Jaremy, he was about 2 1/2 here.  His little brother Joshua was just a baby.
Here he is at about 3 years old.  Would you look at that smile!  


As I mentioned before, I don't have many photo's of Jaremy.  He grew up a lot while I was in California and I missed out on so much during that time.  He is about 6 in this photo.  His Daddy really loves to skate and play hockey and you know the old adage "Like Father, Like Son"  Their Mommy works mostly afternoons, so Daddy had a lot of time to spend at the skating rink.


Jaremy is about 7 here, and growing up so fast.



Here he is, this was July, 2000.  I was visiting my sister who also lives in Indianapolis.  I believe this photo may have been taken on the 4th of July.


Again this was taken in 2000, Jaremy is 8, almost 9 here.  Bill and I took all three Grandchildren to a park in the small town of Danville.  Being that close to Indy, of course the theme of most everything there is racing.

Below is another photo of Jaremy at the park with his sister, Chelsea.

As you learned from Chelsea's page, I was married on October 13, 2001 and all 3 of my Grandchildren was in the wedding.  They all looked so wonderful and did such a wonderful job, they make me so proud.  Below is a photo of the rehearsal.  Jaremy was so grown up acting, and then at the wedding so handsome and grown up looking.. for most of the time.  He took time to be a young boy again, and I'm glad he did.  Since the wedding was in Florida, it was like a mini-vacation for most of the people involved.  My sons and their wives as well as the 3 kids stayed at a resort on St. Pete beach..  Almost everyone was pruny from being in the water so much.  I'm glad they could have the time to enjoy Florida.

Here are my handsome guys all dressed up in their tuxedo's for the wedding.  

Bill and I opted not to go on a honeymoon.  Since the whole family was in Florida to be part of our wedding, we decided instead to take the wedding party to Busch Gardens the day after the wedding, and that's exactly what we did.  Here are our 3 wonderful Grandchildren near Dinosaur Land.  We had a great time that day even though near the end of the day we got rained on really bad.. like Monsoon type rainfall, even that was fun!

I hope you return, because I will be adding more photo's and updates to this and all the Grandchildren's pages.


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