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Cherokee Blessing
May the warm winds of Heaven
blow softly on your home,
And the Great Spirit bless
all who enter there.

on the darkest of nights, the Spirit
of the Wolf shines bright;
listen closely with your heart
and you will hear his song...
~~author unknown~~

In September, 2001 my sister and best friend was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I was so frightened for her and for me, she is really the only family I have left, and I love her and need her.  But mostly I just plain didn't want her to suffer.  She has always been diligent with Mammograms and nothing showed on the previous years Mammio, but there it was this past year!!  What could have happened.  I kept asking myself that question and I know she did too.

She lives in Indianapolis and I am now in Michigan.  Although we are now only 5 hours apart, I couldn't be down there as often as I wanted to be.  Besides my fiancÚ working, our wedding was in October in Florida.. I told Nancy I would postpone it so I could spend more time with her but she wouldn't hear of it.

Nancy had her surgery in November and had a Lumpectomy not a Mastectomy and that was wonderful.  The Dr.'s assured us that they had removed ALL the malignancy and she would make a full recovery.  She did go through Chemo, and that tore her down physically and with that came the mental anxiety and depression.  Her health at best was not great and the Chemo really took it's toll, a week after her treatment was finished she was in the hospital with Pneumonia.

Please, for your sisters, daughters, mothers, friends and for yourself .. have your annual Mammogram done.  Click on the ribbon above for a site that has many links for Breast Cancer Awareness.

   For You Nancy  
A Thought To Remember

It would bring me more joy than
I can say if you would never forget

~not for a single day~

how wonderful you are...
in my eyes and in my heart.
I'm so often at a loss to find the
words to tell you how much you mean
to me. In my imagination, I compare
you with things like the sunshine
in my mornings, the most beautiful
flowers in the fields, and the happiness
I feel on the best days of all.
You're like the answer to a special prayer.
And I think God knew that my world needed
someone exactly like you

~The Legend of the Dream Catcher~

The Old Ones tell that dreams
hold great power and drift about at night
before coming to the sleeping ones.

To keep the dreamer safe, the Old Ones
created a special web, the Dream Catcher,
to hang above their sleeping places.
When dreams traveled the web paths,
the bad dreams lost their way and
were entangled, disappearing with the
first rays of daybreak.

The good dreams, knowing the way,
passed through the center and
were guided gently to the sleeping ones.


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